We offer a quality service with guaranteed capital

Star product in the cryptocurrency sector. Directed by BITEQ, we provide something very important that is scarce in this type of business, the support of a global business group that give professionalism and security to this parallel arbitration system, which we make available to our clients to generate a return between 5% and 8,5% MONTHLY on the invested capital, and with said capital secured by a private contract between both sides.

Minimum investments 500 €/$/GBP or equivalent in BTC

Investments up to 5,000,000 €/$/GBP

The monthly profitability will be:
4 month contract = 5%
8 Month Contract = 7%
12-month contract = 8.5%

Payment ofreturns from 1 to 7 of each month

Have the possibility of reinvestment with the signing of a new contract